Step 10: Row!

Picture of Row!
time to start building up those muscles. We started with sweep oars, which are a meter longer. This was very tiring. We then cut the sweep oars down and made them into sculling oars. Now it feels fast.

If you happened to build your boat in a room which it cannot exit from, you may be in trouble. Try removing windows.
ethanbradek5 years ago
I'm interested in this project, I just have a few questions. How much did the over-all build cost? Also, Is it built without a keel? That's one of the parts that I was curious about when considering building my own shell. Thanks and great job!
 Have you considered a set of real sculling oars? You'd get away with smaller oarlocks.  Boat looks unsinkable thanks to the foam remaining inside the hull.  good for offshore sculling.  Good project.
dwc2306 years ago
I love this plan. It is so interesting, and I learned a lot from reading through it. I want to build a boat too, partcularly, a skull. I don't know anything about so many things, like the hot wire for cutting (shaving) the styrofoam. I guess I'll have to do some research. Thanks!
Were can one purchase the foam blocks you guys used for the boat. Thanks And thanks so much for posting this!