Step 4: Putting Everything Together Part 2

Mount the feet to the base using screw and nuts[Image 1].
Do the same for the gun support and the turning panel.
Then put everything together[Image 2-6].
use this with: https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Controled-Nerf-Vulcan/ and chaos is sure to follow
I hate this there are lots of good or funny ideas but i don't find any part of the project i hate germany -.-
Would like more/better video. This is unclear about what's happening in the vid. Great project, we'd like to see it working fully!
Thanks for your comments. I have added a small description for each of the video to help the viewer better understand what I'm trying to show.
Thanks, that is helpful. You may consider setting up something of a more complete example of the project working. Something where a person walks in front of the wire and is squirted with water or illuminated with light. While I can see that your project works, it would be more satisfying for a few of you to put together a video that shows it working in a more dynamic way. <br><br>Are there any film students at your school or a school nearby? Maybe they need a sentry gun for a spy video...
Very well done.
How do you make these nice pictures with the broadboard and servo pictures? Is there a program to make them?
Thank you very much !
nice work.perfect idea.
*NOTE* THIS PROJECT IS DONE BY A GROUP OF STUDENTS FROM SINGAPORE POLYTECHNIC.<br><br>Since owning a gun in that country is illegal and more likely if caught with one would be either dead or a very long prison sentence.<br><br>I did similar project and used a toy robot arm to hold the paint ball pistol and used a video camera using software that detects motion and the gun would point at where the motion is detected and fire.<br>This project you do the same with a radio shack light beam used in stores at their doors..
@ rinusdamen: It is Fritzing. Go to - fritzing.org

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