Step 7: Setting Up for Action!

Place the LDR sensor at one end and laser at the other end.
Make sure the LDR is calibrated and the laser is pointing at it.

This video shows the gun turning to the preset angle when my hand block the LDR from sensing the laser.

Gun In Action:
This video shows the gun moved to the preset angle and trigger being pulled when the trip-wire system senses an obstacle.
use this with: https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Controled-Nerf-Vulcan/ and chaos is sure to follow
I hate this there are lots of good or funny ideas but i don't find any part of the project i hate germany -.-
Would like more/better video. This is unclear about what's happening in the vid. Great project, we'd like to see it working fully!
Thanks for your comments. I have added a small description for each of the video to help the viewer better understand what I'm trying to show.
Thanks, that is helpful. You may consider setting up something of a more complete example of the project working. Something where a person walks in front of the wire and is squirted with water or illuminated with light. While I can see that your project works, it would be more satisfying for a few of you to put together a video that shows it working in a more dynamic way. <br><br>Are there any film students at your school or a school nearby? Maybe they need a sentry gun for a spy video...
Very well done.
How do you make these nice pictures with the broadboard and servo pictures? Is there a program to make them?
Thank you very much !
nice work.perfect idea.
*NOTE* THIS PROJECT IS DONE BY A GROUP OF STUDENTS FROM SINGAPORE POLYTECHNIC.<br><br>Since owning a gun in that country is illegal and more likely if caught with one would be either dead or a very long prison sentence.<br><br>I did similar project and used a toy robot arm to hold the paint ball pistol and used a video camera using software that detects motion and the gun would point at where the motion is detected and fire.<br>This project you do the same with a radio shack light beam used in stores at their doors..
@ rinusdamen: It is Fritzing. Go to - fritzing.org

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