Building a Small Garage Speaker




Introduction: Building a Small Garage Speaker


First off this is definitely not my best work, but was something thrown together because i wanted something to listen to while working on other projects.
This only has a 2 watt RMS lm380 based chip amp inside, but it gets loud enough most of the time.

This isn't going to be a full on Instructable, just some pictures and descriptions, if you want more details on something, lemme know but i think its pretty straight forward.

So, here we go.

Step 1: Beggining Construction

Here's the construction of the box...

Step 2: The Electronics

The amp used for this speaker is here:

here are some pictures of the electronics in all their sloppyness

Step 3: Power Supply + Finished Product

This is the power supply that I built mainly for powering this speaker, but now it's very useful for other things too.

Essentially it is the power supply shown in an earlier picture, but regulated and in a nice box!

All in all, I threw this together in a weekend.  It isn't meant to be that great looking, just to play my music.



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