Yes, I know you can buy NAS systems from several vendors. But does it fit to your Victorian home? No? Than its time to build your own NAS file server that is able to
  • Store all your data
  • Act as a WEB - Server
  • Streaming music and video via UPNP
  • Providing music to iTunes
  • Supporting NFS, Windows shares, AFP, FTP and more.

And the software is for FREE

I am talking about FREENAS.
FREENAS comes in its actual version 8.0. This version is rather "hardware hungry" but with the version 7.2 stable release you can get everything you need running with moderate hardware requirements

So clean the drill press, fire up your solder iron and lets start.

Step 1: Parts

You need:

Freenas don´t needs a lot off power. But if you plan to use RAID5 or RAID10 it is a good idea to a bit more power.

  • 1,6 GHz CPU semi passiv mainboard (mini ITX form factor)
  • 1 GByte RAM
  • A SATA . extension card with four connectors
  • 4 x 500 GByte SATA Hard disks (if you plan to run the NAS around the clock its a goof´d idea to buy 24/7 featured HDD´s
  • 1 CF -Card with a minimum of 128 MByte or an USB thumb drive for the operating system
  • 1 CF Holder if you like to use a CF -Card
  • 1 modified Power supply
  • SATA cables
  • 1 12 cm FAN with 3 pin connector to connect it to the motherboard.
  • A CD with Freenas 7.2 you. You can download the ISO image here: CLICK
  • A USB CD -ROM drive for the installation
  • A monitor only for installtion
  • A keyboard only for installation
  • A voltage meter
  • A 3 position switch
  • A push button
  • 3 LED´s
  • Some brass washer
  • Some brass srews
  • Glue
  • Some pieces of multiplex wood depending on the case you like to build
  • Some mountings for the hard drives
  • Tools, stain, etc.
Have been using the older freenas for a long time. If I ever get new equipment, I will use the newer version.
Very nice!
Really creative and well done. Bravo!
I love this project and as with all good steampunk, it sparks my imagination. For me, the external hardrive mounting is a brilliant idea but the shiny silver hardware doesn't work. I would further destroy all semblance of warranty from the drives by putting a patina on them, maybe even some clever embellishment. Then find some old hardware that really works, perhaps in black. Love this idea though and would think it super cool to have it house a wireless router, adding a totally cool antennae of course.
I like very much your project !<br><br>but, I have a question: The HDD's placed outside, do not make much noise?<br><br>thanks
Hi,<br><br>yes you can here it but due to the rubber noise and vibration blockers there is very low noise.<br>Besides this, freeness has a build in noise management system that enables the OS to drive the HDD&acute;s in a very quite mode. If you use this system, the disks will be slower, but this is not that problem because the speed limitation is the network.<br>In some cases I am using the NAS - System during RPG&acute;s and its always fun hearing the disk&acute;s waking up from sleep during a quite moment ;-).<br>In a dark room it can be creepy. *Muharharharha* :-)<br><br>With king regards,<br><br>Horatius Steam
&quot;First I removed the labels of the hard disk&acute;s&quot;<br><br>Although that looks really cool and shiny, that's usually an instant warranty invalidation, so don't be expecting to return the drive when it fails.<br><br>I thought for a moment you'd found some &quot;unbranded&quot; hard drives :)
:-)<br><br>Yes, don&acute;t di this on new drives.....
When your hard drives eventually die are they going to be going up to heaven then? :p
*smile*<br><br>I hope that only one at the time dies.<br>I used a RAID5 System so if a disk dies I will be able to replace it and the ZFS file system will reconstruct the data.<br>This is one reason I placed the HDD outside the case.<br>To replace one easier.<br><br><br>Regards,<br><br>H. Steam
I think I may have been too subtle. I meant as there were 'rubber parts between the <strong>angels</strong> and the case.' By bold.
:-) ;-)
I love this project! (I myself a slowly been working on a full steampunk inspired PC and laptop...) Anyways this is great, I like all your builds @Horatius... also I want to thank @yosu for metioning @Junophor, otherwise I probaly wouldn't have discovered Junophor's builds!
That's your best project, Horatius. <br> <br>&iexcl;You two, guys, are wonderful! I follow you, Horatius &amp; Junophor...

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