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Basic and beautiful step stool. Can be modified to suit your needs and done with minimal tools. Power tools can be replaced with elbow grease.


DmitryZ4 (author)2017-02-02

You did not show how you made square holes.

juran (author)2015-11-24

I really want to try it myself.

What tool did you use to bore the square hole? Sorry, I am new to this.

tomatoskins (author)2015-01-12

What did you use as the finish? It's a beautiful stool!

dpmakestuff (author)tomatoskins2015-01-12

homemade brew. Beeswax and mineral oil.

kainxavier (author)dpmakestuff2015-01-12

Care to share quantities? I have the wax...

dpmakestuff (author)kainxavier2015-01-12

truth be told there quantities don't matter too much. 1-2oz beeswax into around a cup of mineral oil. Heat the oil on a double boiler, break up the wax and watch it melt. Once it's melted, put it in a container and let it harden. I made this batch a little think and use the heat gun to get it in all the tight spots. It's also completely food safe.

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