Here's how this all came about. There's a room on campus that is a performance space. The P.A. system that is flown is basically a pair of Yamaha club speakers. Nothing fancy, durable and decent for vocals when a band shows up.

Keyword; Band. However the DJ's have been feeling a little light in the low end, when the bass drops.. these poor Yamahas can't handle it. They weren't intended too. We need some bottom, we need a subwoofer.

Ok we could go the easy route and JUST BUY ONE. But where's the fun in that?! More fun to build one! So here we go!

Our basic dimensions were for two 10" subs mounted in the box, 3" of gap on each side, a box depth of 10" and the whole thing would be 32" long. 

2 10" Subwoofers from Parts Express. Rated 600watts each 4 ohm.
2 Speakon connectors
1 Speakon plate
1 DBX EQ to act as a crossover filter
1 Crown XLS 1000 amp
1 Sheet of 3/4" MDF
1 small roll of hardware cloth
Speaker wire

Table saw
Jig Saw
Tape Measure
Miter saw
Straight edge ruler

Step 1: First Mistake

Ok, I'll be honest, most things I build are SQUARE! adding angles made things a little harder.

SO our first mistake was to create the face plate first. Wrong-O. What that did was waste material as a slight deviation in degree when cutting makes for a larger gap.  So learn from my error.

Here's what we did right. Set the table saw up to 22 degrees and made a gauge. THEN cut the sides and back and glued those together.

WITH MDF PRE-DRILL PILOT HOLES!! Seriously, ask me how I know. The screws are only to hold things together till the glue dries, but you don't need them splitting and making a mess of the MDF.

We were going to use a pneumatic nail gun, but found that the MDF was unpredictable when firing a finish nail into it. After two weird mis-fires, we opted for screws. (we missed our thumb! yay!)

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