Building a Tool Wall Mount With an Old Storage Rack Back




Introduction: Building a Tool Wall Mount With an Old Storage Rack Back

With my Tools lying all over my workbench I always had trouble finding what I needed. But luckly I had left a few metal back walls from an old storage rack, the rusty orange crappy parts on the first image. By pintig them with black anti rust paint and mounting them on the wall with a few screws with a fine pitch threat at one side and a rough one one the other side. If you cant't find such screws use a threaded bar with special wall cement glue to attach the wall mount. after paintig it, hold it aganist the wall and mark where to drill the holes and place the anchor bolts. I had some hook and stuff left from the tool wall I bought for the garage. They can be bought seperatly at most hardware stores.
Finished!!! Now my workbench looks tidy again :) eventhough it doesn't look like it when you look at the last picture. Those things have to go tomorrow. DIY action all day makes you tired



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