Step 13: Finishing the oven:

Picture of Finishing the oven:

The exterior shell was paddled and shaped into a smooth cover.  The final layer had to dry a bit before it could be smoothed completely.

My wife threw an onion shaped finial for decoration on the top of the oven.  She then carved various designs into the dome.

A door made from 2x6’s was cut to shape.  1x6’s were cut to go over the face of the door and to extend 1” beyond the door in order to act as a flange to keep the door from falling in.  An extra chunk of tile-backer was cut to shape and screwed onto the inside surface of the door for a heat shield.  A pair of handles left over from a previous project completed the door.

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EmmettO4 years ago
Extremely attractive oven, well done!

What kind of clay did you end up going with? Is there a name for it's type (other than pottery clay)? I've never gotten good results from the clay around my region.