Basically the process starts by making a jig (to form the rocker shape) and then you use the jig to build the board. 

2 x 4 lumber (for the jig)
Cheap 1/8" plywood/ particle board (for the jig)

1/8" sheets of fine woods (for the board) - I used 4 [2' x 4'] sheets of 1/8" birch and 1 [2' x 4'] sheets of 1/8" mahogany for the centre of my board. 
Marine Epoxy (Comes in 2 chemical parts you mix together then apply) - I have a picture of my epoxy before we started using it
Paint (I used metallic car paint, got a sample from an auto body shop)
Grip Tape (available at most board shops, anywhere they sell skateboards, West 49 etc)..
Wakeboard Fins (I used Ronix fins)

Palm Sander
Tape Measure
Woodworking Clamps 
x-acto knife
Jig Saw

Step 1: Cut Out Rocker

[*The rocker is the curvature of the board, there are lots of different types of rockers, each will give the board a different feel, and different pop off the wake]

Draw the rocker shape onto 2 [2 x 4]'s that are 4 feet long, then cut along the line. 
I hammered a few nails into the 2 x 4's *away from the cut line* and cut them both with one pass on the bandsaw

You will end up with 2 'negative' pieces and 2 'positive' pieces. 

I decided to make my board mimic the rocker of the Liquid Force 2008 Faction because that is what I had ridden before. So for me, it was easy to trace the rocker straight from the board then cut it out. You can design any rocker shape you want 

Instructions very simple and very clear... Great JOB!
<p>what about the application of the fins</p>
<p>Wow!! Incrediblee!!!</p>
<p>I built a wakeskate after reading this instructable and a couple others and it turned out really well! It's a blast to ride. Now if I could just learn how to ollie... Thanks for writing this!</p>
I love the design you painted on the board. Was it free hand or from a book? We are looking for a wave inspired design for the front railing on our house. I think yours could be awesome. Thanks!
I sketched out a few different designs in my sketch book, picked this one, projected it onto a large piece of acetate (overhead paper), traced it, and cut it out with an exacto knife. I then used spray adhesive to stick the acetate down to the board, then i spray painted over that. You can use my graphic pattern for inspiration, I would be honored!
Reminds me a lot of building skis.
Nice Instructable!
You are the Grand Marshal of the Awesome parade. Great work. Would love to see it in action.

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