Step 1: Some Machines You Might Need

Those are the machines I used
<p>Very attractive piece. I have a redwood version that is not quite as nice as yours.</p><p>I have a couple suggestions that would help improve your instructable:</p><p>--It's good that you provide the dimensions in your text, but I suggest that you lay out the components with their dimensions on a plan, or better yet, a cutting template. Beginners would especially appreciate that.</p><p>--There are at least 5 photos that need to be rotated. Somehow they ended up laying on their sides.</p>
A very nice project and fine job constructing your project.<br>I will look forward to viewing the video.<br>I hope you time in the U.S. has been and continues to be a positive one.<br>Your English is much better than many of the posts by native speakers so there is no need for any apologies.<br>
Hey the bottom circle has a radius of 1,5 in the 2 milling wheels a r of 0,5 in. I dont know the exact measurements of the cage, but thats easy to find out :) the head wheels are 1,5 in and 2,5 in (radius) and had 8 and 16 teeth. Hope this helped you ;)
Could you please leave me the measurements that you used, it would help with my project a lot. Thanks
Nice work, I built one once that worked with a motor, its a shame that I don&acute;t keep it.

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