Picture of Building a computer
In this instructable I will be assembling a computer from the parts that were available. The parts as well as the tools and work place were provided by the Chandler Tech Shop. To find out more go to www.techshop.ws.
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Step 1: Placing the Power supply

Put the case on its side and in this example place the power supply on the top portion of the case. Position the power supply in such a way that all four screw holes are aligned. Once that is done grab one screw and screw one of them in but keep it loose until all 4 are in place and then tighten all of the screws.

Step 2: Inserting RAM on the Mother Board

Picture of Inserting RAM on the Mother Board
Push down the clips for the ram slot that you intend to use. In this instructable I have chosen the yellow slots and I had used both of them. The notch in the ram sticks is not centered so make sure you align the notch with the one in the mother board. Once you align the stick of ram to the slot push it down until you hear a clicking sound and the white tabs go up and into the stick of ram. Do this to other stick of ram.

Step 3: Placing the mother board

This case features a mother board tray. Other cases may not feature one but usually there are raised objects with screw holes. These a called risers. This motherboard tray features risers as well. Place the mother board on the tray and make sure that the holes match up to the risers. and screw the mother board in. Place the mother board tray back into the case.

Step 4: Connecting the Front Panel Wires

Picture of Connecting the Front Panel Wires
Since each mother board is different each manufacturer prints out which pins connect to which cables. Follow these as you are connecting. Since the case most likely uses LED's you have to connect the correct polarity which is labeld on the cables as well as the motherboard.

Step 5: Place the Optical drive in the case

Picture of Place the Optical drive in the case
Place the optical drive in one of the slots in front of the case. Make sure that you can see the screw holes on the side of the case.and secure the drive with screws.

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Adeldor1 year ago

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gsaxon1 year ago
I would recommend a grounding wrist strap or plug in the power supply after installed to prevent static issues. Always touch something grounded before handling the mobo, memory, cpu, video card, ect to discharge static. Good instructable!