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250' sq foot shed with an upstairs and dormer and zipper staircase, 

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to start you'll need  to set your piers make sure their square by measuring corner to corner  both sides multiple times,  I set all the end piers level them with a water level set girders then put following piers in field (in between ) the others nail them to girders then form and pour concrete around them .  Lay out floor double all the way around  parimeter then what ever your lay out is 16''  usually  or legal lay out 19 3/16'' what I do but is not code I wrap the joists in plastic every one then insulate.

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then floor then lay out your windows or figure out where they are going to go  make sure you leave room for king studs and sleepers  and use headers.  Have the windows on hand . helps from remodeling your new pad.

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then i planed to be able to stand up stairs so I built a second story. then wrap in 15 or 30 lb. felt  you can sheet it after recommended but I did  not in this build.

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Then windows flashing,then siding  yes siding before the roof  because the rafters will cap the siding and help hold it together. then i built custom trusses  that slipped on nice and tight make sure to paint all cut wood on end of rafters so u dont have to climb and paint later.

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i have so much more to type but will have to do it later,sorry,,  any questions i will happly answer  ..I did put a zipper stair case and brazilan cherry wood floors dormer  up stairs  railing and redwood entry deck...thanks for looking good luck.....                                            STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION.........................................

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damienrv (author)2012-10-27

next projects i need to post, a couple before and after pic

damienrv (author)2012-10-27

the up stairs has already been remodeled theres a railing and two red wood drop (hatch) doors .

damienrv (author)2012-10-27

here is a few more pic ill post more, I have tons of documented instructables just dont like typing..

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