250' sq foot shed with an upstairs and dormer and zipper staircase, 

Step 1:

to start you'll need  to set your piers make sure their square by measuring corner to corner  both sides multiple times,  I set all the end piers level them with a water level set girders then put following piers in field (in between ) the others nail them to girders then form and pour concrete around them .  Lay out floor double all the way around  parimeter then what ever your lay out is 16''  usually  or legal lay out 19 3/16'' what I do but is not code I wrap the joists in plastic every one then insulate.
next projects i need to post, a couple before and after pic
the up stairs has already been remodeled theres a railing and two red wood drop (hatch) doors .
here is a few more pic ill post more, I have tons of documented instructables just dont like typing..

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