Step 2:

Next step is to trim the wire wrap header strips to the correct length. 
They can be broken across the table edge, but a more precise method is to cut them apart with snips.

A single 20 pin header will make two parts - 4 pins for power and 16 pins for signals.
Note that there is a gap of .1 inches between them so you can tell which end is which.
Plugging shields in backwards is a bad thing.  Very bad!

So it's nice they way Nick separated the headers that way.  (Thanks Nick!)

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Very good instructions. Trying to make it now.
Great instructable!
I had to re-do this thing to add steps. <br>Couldn't figure out how to do that after it was published.<br>So my apologies if it caused anybody any problems.<br>(It was my first time, after all!)<br>Richard

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