Building a device that clips to your belt and tracks how much time you spend inside and outside


Step 10: Connect Thermometer

Picture of Connect Thermometer
We now connect the thermometer to the Uno.  This unit will utilize the i2C bus on the Arduino Uno (via analog 4 & 5 and the Wire.h library).  Our connections will be as follows:

VCC to the 3.3V pin
Ground to the ground just below the 5V
SCA to Analog 4
SCL to Analog 5

We will not use the center two connections for this project.  

Note we trim the wires to minimize excess wiring again but we need enough wire to place the thermometer atop and in the center of the shield.  

The goal is to allow the thermometer to sit behind the square hole that is in the center of the shield.  This hole is here to allow things to come into/go out of the shell.  The shell has a door that you can use to close up the hole but we will leave it open to allow the thermometer to gauge the air outside of the shell, otherwise we might shield the thermometer from being able to accurately measure the ambient temperature.  We want to ensure when we place the top half of the shell on this unit the thermometer sits within that open space.