Building a device that clips to your belt and tracks how much time you spend inside and outside


Step 3: Solder wire to the Barometer/Thermometer

Picture of Solder wire to the Barometer/Thermometer
I chose the BMP085 barometer/thermometer to gather the temperature.  The barometer proved insufficient for our needs but the thermometer works nicely for our purposes.  This device does require the Wire.h library and several functions to simply produce a temperature but this device is reliable.  A good example of how to use this device can be found at:  http://www.sparkfun.com/tutorial/Barometric/BMP085_Example_Code.pde

 chose to solder wire to the pin-outs, as shown, to allow more flexibility in the placement of the device.  Leads would add to the inflexible size of the device as wires allow me to bend them as needed all the way down to the breakout board. 

We will explore wiring later in the project, for now we simply just solder the 6 - 3" wires to the breakout board and trim them later as needed.