Building a device that clips to your belt and tracks how much time you spend inside and outside


Step 4: Solder wires to the GPS Unit

Picture of Solder wires to the GPS Unit
The GPS will sit on the side of the case along with the wiring for the button and the LED.  The unit itself is also quite size-able so I will simply solder wires directly to the GPS unit.  This will allow me to place the unit where I see fit and not have the additional constraints that leads might provide.  

We will not use the TinyGPS library due to memory constraints and thus only read data off of the GPS unit through its serial connection.  A good tutorial on how to use the GPS unit can be found here:  http://store.makerbot.com/replicator.html

The colored wires (from left to right) are to be connected as follows:

Orange - 3.3V  (the GPS can handle 5V as well if needed). 
Green - Signal / Serial TX
Black - Grnd

We chose digital 8 to power the device as it gives us the ability to switch the unit on and off as it draws quite a bit of power.  We will use the accelerometer to dictate when we need to gather a GPS signal.  Thus simple 'digitalWrite(8, HIGH)' and 'digitalWrite(8, LOW)' commands will allow us to easily switch on and off the unit.

We tape the back of the GPS unit to prevent shorting from taking place in the event a bare wire makes contact with the Unit.  This also protects the back of the unit as it will later be packed tight into the shell.