Building a device that clips to your belt and tracks how much time you spend inside and outside


Step 6: Prepare the accelerometer

Picture of Prepare the accelerometer
Now that the accelerometer is plug-and-play ready we will prepare the wiring to allow such a connection.  We will use pre-terminated wires that have female connections on one end and male leads on the other end.  The male ends tend to break if bent too much so I'll cut off the male ends and strip the wires, leaving about 2" of free wire on each.  We'll trim each as needed later as we connect to the Uno. On the female side, I'll wrap every other end in electrical tape to eliminate any shorts that may occur if the touch one another as I connect them to the leads.  

We then plug each end into the leads of the accelerometer in an alternating pattern as show in the picture.  We'll conclude the connection by wrapping the connections in electrical tape.  

Our connection scheme will be as follows:

VCC - 3.3V ONLY!  Don't fry the device  :)
GND - common ground.  We will place this in the ground pin just below the 5V (we will use the other ground for the barometer/thermometer later)
X - Analog 0
Y - Analog 1
Z - Analog 2