Building a dump truck bed with front loader book shelf

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Step 5: Electronics

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The electronics compartment has a key latch so no little ones can access the wiring. The electronics are 12 volt so I could buy automotive lights and have a very large selection. I chose a 12 volt power supply from superbrightleds.com as well as two pulse width modulators (PWM) to dim the lights. The LED lights a far too bright to run at 12 volts and reducing the voltage or adding a resistor does not really work that well with leds. I used two PWMs so I could selectively dim two circuits. If you do this make sure you separate the grounds too. I ran 12 volts through the fuse panel, to the key switch, to the blinks/flashers and to the two PWMs. The flasher must have a 12 volts input to work properly but the lights can run off of a different voltage and ground. All the running lights and head lights are on one circuit with the dome and cargo light on the other PWM circuit.

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