This is a nice 4' x 4' sand box with lids that open to bench seating.  This was inspired by some other DIY projects I found.  I did this using all scrap materials.

Step 1: Getting Materials Ready

the list
* 18 - 4' 2x4's  TOP AND SIDES
*6 - 45" 2x4's   ENDS
*4- 2' 2x4's    LID STRINGERS
*4 - 9" 2x4's   BENCH LEGS
*8 - 10' 2X4'S    SIDE TIES
*4 door hinges 3 1/2"
24 1 1/2" exterior screws
exterior 3" screws 
finish of choice
weed barrier
1000lbs of play sand or commercial sand
<p>Keeps the cats out... Where was this when I was a lil'en and had my box? Really liked the 'ible. Thank you. </p>
Kids love it. 2 years old. need to pick some sand to replenish
This could work too for a garden ... be protected from the winter or to start planting early ..
That's fantastic - what a great design!
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Bio: I am a father, musician and a DIYer
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