This Instructable is brought to you by Mixed Media Engineering LLC and shows the process of building a lugged bicycle frame using 'The Jiggernaut' a CNC routed, flat pack bicycle frame jig.  We will bring you through all of the steps from prepping the lugs, mitering the tubes, silver soldering the joints and finishing everything off to look nice.  In the end we produce a single-speed bike with track dropouts capable of shredding the frigid streets of Minneapolis.  

To make this project a reality we relied heavily on digital design and prototyping.  We used Solidworks to model different bike frame as well as the jig and we used CNC routing to make parts that perfectly matched our drawings.  This really helped streamline the process and get us to or goal of a bike frame fast.

We are not professional bicycle fabricators.  We may or may not have used best practices when fabricating the frame in this instructable.  It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that best practices are used.  Remember, you're building a bicycle that you or someone else may be riding.  You need to be sure that your design and fabrication skills are adequate to produce a bicycle free from mechanical defects.  Failure to do so may result in mechanical failure, accident or even death.  When constructing a frame you must absolutely keep the safety of you and others in mind.  There is a significant risk of fire when using torches and welders for fabrication.  You must take the proper safety precautions when using torches and welders.  This includes but is not limited to fire extinguishers, ventilation, respirators, protective eye wear, protective clothing and to keep flammable materials away from the area you are working in.  You'll be using different fluxes and solvents during this project that can be poisonous.  Be sure to wear the proper clothing, gloves, etc... to protect your skin and eyes from these chemicals.  Remember, use common sense and when in doubt stop what you are doing and research the proper methods.  

There are many resources available that teach proper frame design and fabrication.  An especially helpful manual is the Paterek Manual for Bicycle Frame Builders.  Copies can be found for sale online.
hello, I'm new in bicycle tube size standards, may i know the thickness of the rubes you used?
Really cool. i allways want to build a luged frame. but in my country are really hard to get. <br>The frame is for a fixie?<br>
Notingkool<br><br>Thanks! The frame we featured in the instructables has track dropouts and so could be used as a fixed gear or just a single speed with a free wheel.
A friend and i going to make bmx frames, but with TIG welding. And for the jig, we are thinking in use a vertical jig, becouse it's easyer to weld both side of the tube in the same weld.<br>Using 4130 steel and 1020. And post-weld heat threatment, but just beacouse we know what we are doing, hahahaha. (i study aeronautical engineer).<br>Hope you make more frames. good luck.

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