Building a Passive Speaker for Your Phone





Introduction: Building a Passive Speaker for Your Phone

This is a very easy how to. You can do it for nearly every type of phone with a speaker.
You don´t need any electronics or solder iron.
It works and you can fill the room with sound of your mobile!

Step 1: What You Need

You need some copper plumbing parts.
A piece of wood for the base plate.
A paper funnel.
Some glue for paper and metal.
Some two component clay.
A brass screw

Step 2: Preparing the Paper Funnel

Cut the end of the paper funnel and glue the copper part on it.
Use wax stain to colour it. Wax stain gives the paper a wooden finish.
I stained it two times and I used a shoe brush to polish it.

Step 3: Preparing the Tubes and the Cradle for the Mobile

Use metal glue to glue the pipes together in that form you like.
For the cradle I used a piece of aluminium.
I drilled a hole in the aluminium profile so the sound of the phone will go trough the hole. See picture 2 and 4.
I flattened a piece of copper pipe so that it fits inside the Aluminium profile.
Than I used two component clay to fasten it.
At least I drilled a hole in the tube for fasten it on the stand.

Step 4: Mounting Everithin Together

I the glue is hardened you can mount it one the piece of wood you have chosen as the base plate.
Attach the phone and enjoy the music. :-)

With kind regards,

Horatius Steam

Step 5: An Absolutely Great Mod of This Instructables

The instructables member spratjack70118 send me a picture of his iPHONE horn.
This mod is amazing and very, very beautiful. 

I post the picture here.

I really love it.

Thank you for sharing!

With kind regards,

Horatius Steam



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    I must say steam punk is interesting at times, but mostly just for giggles, but sometimes it is useful , this is actually useful and cool to look at.

    I will say what I posted on projects I see like this, make two add earbuds as interface, stereo will be the benefit, possibly louder and clearer, as well.

    I bow to your great instructable oh most honorable Horatius Steam

    You could cut a hole in the middle to stick a charger in and it would become an iHome!

    That´s a very nice idea. Even with the new cable type.

    Thank you!

    Will definetly br trying this!

    Here are the changes that I made to your instructable for my version:
    The iPhone cradle I made of wood. I tried metal at first, and found that I didn't have the right tools to cut the somewhat precise hole for the copper tubing. I ended up cutting some 3/16" Luan plywood into pieces to glue together. First assemble the entire cradle - THEN mark, drill, and shape the hole. A Dremel tool and side-cutting drill bits work very well for those precise adjustments you may want to make. Also, I felt that it may be good to have the cradle in a material which is easier to remove/reposition, in the event that the speaker on the iPhone moves positions in future models. I did stain, and apply a couple layers of a clear polyurethane to protect it.

    I used brass #8/32 screws to adhere the copper tubing to the base. On the underside of the wood base I recessed the holes with a spade drill bit so the heads of the screws would not be an issue. I used a tap to thread the holes in the copper. I did use Locktite to help assure the screws stayed in place.

    I really enjoyed making this speaker, and was wonderfully surprised at how well it amplified my iPhone. I plan to make other designs in the near future. Thank you.
    - Jack

    Very impressive work on the cone.  It really looks like wood.  That said, I would just like to point out that this isn't actually a "passive speaker".  A passive speaker is a speaker that is directly connected to the input without any sort of amplification.  This is more of an acoustic amplification horn. Just wanted you to know.

    Other than that, great work!


    Simple, Functional, Artistic, and its even Green! No batteries, for the speaker anyway. You just keep churning them out! Keep up the good work Sir.

    Thank You for sharing.

    Is that right, you drilled a hole in your phone?
    Is that really necessary?
    If so, what precautions should be taken?

    No I don´t drilled a hole in my phone. The hole is still there, the speaker outlet.
    I drilled a hole in the aluminium proile, that joined the speaker out of my android phone.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. :-)

    With kind regards,

    Horatius Steam

    I will edit my instructable.....