This is a very easy how to. You can do it for nearly every type of phone with a speaker.
You don´t need any electronics or solder iron.
It works and you can fill the room with sound of your mobile!

Step 1: What You Need

You need some copper plumbing parts.
A piece of wood for the base plate.
A paper funnel.
Some glue for paper and metal.
Some two component clay.
A brass screw

Step 2: Preparing the Paper Funnel

Cut the end of the paper funnel and glue the copper part on it.
Use wax stain to colour it. Wax stain gives the paper a wooden finish.
I stained it two times and I used a shoe brush to polish it.

Step 3: Preparing the Tubes and the Cradle for the Mobile

Use metal glue to glue the pipes together in that form you like.
For the cradle I used a piece of aluminium.
I drilled a hole in the aluminium profile so the sound of the phone will go trough the hole. See picture 2 and 4.
I flattened a piece of copper pipe so that it fits inside the Aluminium profile.
Than I used two component clay to fasten it.
At least I drilled a hole in the tube for fasten it on the stand.

Step 4: Mounting Everithin Together

I the glue is hardened you can mount it one the piece of wood you have chosen as the base plate.
Attach the phone and enjoy the music. :-)

With kind regards,

Horatius Steam

Step 5: An Absolutely Great Mod of This Instructables

The instructables member spratjack70118 send me a picture of his iPHONE horn.
This mod is amazing and very, very beautiful. 

I post the picture here.

I really love it.

Thank you for sharing!

With kind regards,

Horatius Steam
I must say steam punk is interesting at times, but mostly just for giggles, but sometimes it is useful , this is actually useful and cool to look at. <br> <br>I will say what I posted on projects I see like this, make two add earbuds as interface, stereo will be the benefit, possibly louder and clearer, as well. <br> <br>I bow to your great instructable oh most honorable Horatius Steam
You could cut a hole in the middle to stick a charger in and it would become an iHome!
That&acute;s a very nice idea. Even with the new cable type. <br> <br>Thank you!
Will definetly br trying this!
Horatius, <br>Here are the changes that I made to your instructable for my version: <br>The iPhone cradle I made of wood. I tried metal at first, and found that I didn't have the right tools to cut the somewhat precise hole for the copper tubing. I ended up cutting some 3/16&quot; Luan plywood into pieces to glue together. First assemble the entire cradle - THEN mark, drill, and shape the hole. A Dremel tool and side-cutting drill bits work very well for those precise adjustments you may want to make. Also, I felt that it may be good to have the cradle in a material which is easier to remove/reposition, in the event that the speaker on the iPhone moves positions in future models. I did stain, and apply a couple layers of a clear polyurethane to protect it. <br> <br>I used brass #8/32 screws to adhere the copper tubing to the base. On the underside of the wood base I recessed the holes with a spade drill bit so the heads of the screws would not be an issue. I used a tap to thread the holes in the copper. I did use Locktite to help assure the screws stayed in place. <br> <br>I really enjoyed making this speaker, and was wonderfully surprised at how well it amplified my iPhone. I plan to make other designs in the near future. Thank you. <br>- Jack
Very impressive work on the cone. &nbsp;It really looks like wood. &nbsp;That said, I would just like to point out that this isn't actually a &quot;passive speaker&quot;. &nbsp;A passive speaker is a speaker that is directly connected to the input without any sort of amplification. &nbsp;This is more of an acoustic amplification horn. Just wanted you to know.<br> <br> Other than that, great work!<br> <br> CC
Simple, Functional, Artistic, and its even Green! No batteries, for the speaker anyway. You just keep churning them out! Keep up the good work Sir. <br><br>Thank You for sharing.
Is that right, you drilled a hole in your phone?<br>Is that really necessary?<br>If so, what precautions should be taken?
No I don&acute;t drilled a hole in my phone. The hole is still there, the speaker outlet.<br>I drilled a hole in the aluminium proile, that joined the speaker out of my android phone.<br><br>Sorry for the misunderstanding. :-)<br><br><br>With kind regards,<br><br>Horatius Steam<br><br>PS<br>I will edit my instructable.....
Instructable changed!
Hi Horatius, I enjoyed your instructable so much that I have created a link from my instructable (https://www.instructables.com/id/iPhonograph/) to yours I hope you don't mind. I also noticed that you were featured at the same time as my instructable 'easy PCB holder - so weird. Kind regards, Michael
I may try this for my iPod later! It looks so real and how loud is it.<br>PS: I live in South Africa and can make the cone insterd of buying it????<br>
Hi, you can use a piece of thick paper and roll a cone by yourselves. Use white glue and work in layers to produce a cone. The original cone has 8 layers.<br> <br> You can follow this <a href="http://maddycakesmuse.blogspot.com/2009/09/paper-cones.html" rel="nofollow">CLICK</a> instruction.<br> <br> With kind regards,<br> <br> H. Steam
Did Theo Jansen ( tay-o yan-son) also influence you?
I really like his work. This man is great! :-) Here is something more about hie work: <a href="http://www.strandbeest.com/index.php" rel="nofollow">CLICK</a>
So glad you also know who he is.
The look of the cone completely caught me off guard. I was feeling sorry for you for having to roll wood-veneer up like that (I know, i'm a hobby woddworker) until i saw the picture of the paper cone. Did you use any particular techniques for the brushwork or is the varnish you used simply magic?
:-)<br>The magic is the wax stain. It gives nearly every surface a wooden finish.<br>You use the stain, wait a bit (10 - 15 minutes) then use the brush to give the surface the finish. Sometimes I have to use the stain for a second time.<br>Its a bit trying. :-)<br><br>With kind regards,<br><br>Horatius Steam
I have another comment, what if you made one that would probably be a bit to complicated so that you put the phone in a flap and then it folded into the body of it and still did the same thing but looked like a normal lp player.
I will be making this tonight. ill update with how it turns out! <br>after i try the paper cone, im going to see if i cant spot weld together a replica phonograph cone to fit it.
really a nice wedding of the high end technology with the steam victorian age....I love it.....5^n/5
Really lovely bit of work, I put up an instructable in a similar vein last year, but I cannot compete with your aesthetics.<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-your-teeny-music-players-speaker-louder-wo/<br>
elegant and effective work
I have a question about the Wax Stain. Is this a product used in wood working something like a Minwax product? <br><br>http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/specialty-products/minwax-paste-finishing-wax?gclid=COjs9srwpawCFcuP7QodFWitBg<br><br>Thank You,<br>Sparkie
God Morning from Germany, I used this product: <a href="http://www.selva.de/product_info.php?cPath=&upage=4&sPath=&products_id=Wachsbeize%20097510&language=en">CLICK</a>&nbsp; this a stain, not a protective wax.<br> <br> H. Steam
If nothing else, it looks incredible. Makes a great phone stand
Nice Nice Nice!!
Very neat idea... may have to give it a try.<br>
Ahh , great idea .<br>Thankfully isn't a stupid dog on a old gramophone ( if you watched top gear , you know what i mean )
In Germany you can buy it in nearly every store for &quot;hobby&quot; equipment. There is an on line store as well in Germany: <a href="http://www.cchobby.de/pappkegel-lang-3-groen.aspx">HERE&nbsp;</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> Or make it: <a href="http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Funnel-or-Cone-from-Paper">HERE</a>&nbsp; if you make a basic form as shown in the &quot;HowTo&quot; you can use water based glue and pieces of an old newspaper to make thicker.<br> <br> With kind regards,<br> <br> <br> Horatius Steam
Great job, your work looks awesome! Where does one find a paper cone like that??
Did you make or buy the paper cone?
I bought it.<br><br>Regards,<br><br>H. Steam
Where can you buy such cones?<br><br>mdog93
<em>amazing very&nbsp;much&nbsp;interesting invention&nbsp;</em>
it looks steampunkish
Dear Sir Hortius Steam <br> <br>It is really unbelievable this creativity <br>Just a very good work indeed <br>Take a bow!! <br>Yours Aeon Junophor
Amazing design! True work of art! The wax stain really gives a beautiful wood-like finish to the paper funnel. I may use this for future projects... Thanks!

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