In this instructable I will explain how I built a solar panel using 2 panes of glass. I am not the first person to do this, there are other instructables and youtube videos that show how this is done also, but this is how I did it. If you have looked at my first solar panel project, I say this one is an easier way of constructing a panel. The down side is that you need 2 pieces of glass for this, the other one I built only used one.

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The tools and materials needed for this project:

1. 2 panes of tempered glass. I got them free from some one changing windows.
2. FRP board
3. Wood
4. Wood screws
5. Silicone, I used this kind.
6. Tile spacers, like these.
7. Wire, I used 14awg black and red because I have it around. But you need to get the wire that is the corect gauge for the wattage your panels produce.
8. Welding gas
9. Air pump needles, these, like you use to fill sports balls.
10. Caulk gun, like this.
11. Wood working tools; I used a table saw, router, and miter saw
12. Solar cells already soldered together, from first instructable.
13. Soldering iron, budget, midgrade, best.
14. Solder flux
15. wood glue
16. Diode.

So lets get started……..

Step 1:

For this first step you need one of the panes of glass, soldered solar cells, and silicone. 

1. Clean and dry the glass very well. Anything that is on the glass now will be on there forever inside your panel.

2. Lay your cells face down and you can put a drop of silicone, or a stripe of silicone like I did, on the back side of the cells.  This is to keep the cells from moving around inside the panel. 

If you know exactly where your cells will be laying on your glass you could put the silicone on the glass and not on the cells.  I didn’t try that because I knew I would not get it in the right place.

3. Then I carefully picked up the cells and placed them in the middle of the glass as centered as possible.

Another option would be to take the second piece of glass and lay on the cells, carefully without breaking them, and then flip the glass with cells over so they are face up and stuck to the bottom glass.

4. After I laid the cells on the bottom glass I used a paper towel to lightly press the cells down into the silicone, carefully not to break any cells.
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