Here's a quick pic-based wrapup of how we built a warmbox to keep kefir and sprouted brown rice warm during the winter.

Step 1:

We started with a steel rack so we didn't have to build a box.  First, we removed the upper shelf and inverted it so we didn't have to work around the internal bolts when making our measurements.  Next, we cut the upper and lower sheets of rigid foam insulation.
Why not use an electronic BBQ temp probe directly in your fermentables? They even have ones with remotes viewing modules that you could just Velcro to the outside of your box. Or you could use a thermostat that switches off the light when it gets too hot. I would have to make one somewhat larger than this, because I make 6-8 gallon batches, but all in all, nice instructable!
The problem with putting the probe in the food itself is that the food will react more slowly to temperature changes than the air around it, so the air will get too warm or too cold while the food maintains its temperature. That could cause the food to then get too warm or cold while the heat source catches up.
Also the acid in the brine will easy the metal on the probe
<p>Is it possible to get more info of how to setup the temperature controller &amp; the switching mechanism? I'm planning to do something different but utilizing the thermostat control. This is my first time doing something like this, so any info would be helpful. thanks. </p>
You can google the part number for setup instructions for that particular model. Homebrew sites should have some good ideas if you're going to be using a different thermostat.
<p>Thanks! </p>
This would be very helpful in making sake, if you look up home brew supply stores you can find temp. controlllers.
I like it! Lots of food for thought. I have been kicking around building a proofing box for sourdough, this has added to my ideas. Very nice job.
TJK, thanks for saying so! Hope it was helpful, that's what it's all about!
I'm actually not finding any information on this HTC-1000 thernostatic control.
apamplona, thanks for mentioning this. I mistyped--it's the STC-1000! Going to edit the instructable too. Good luck!

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