Step 5: Introducing the Elements

Picture of Introducing the Elements
Introduce fish into the fish-tank, duckweed and algae into the top fish-food tank, snails and oxygenating plants (such as Elodea) into the lower fish-food tank, and plants you want to grow into the beds. Plant either in the permeable bags, or directly in the gravel depending on the plant species.

To control how much water goes into the beds - a timer can be used for the pump. A simple timer that plugs into the wall outlet can be used. How often you want the pump on depends of which plants you are planting and how much water they need.

Be sure to use fish that can eat what you provide. Obviously you cannot use carnivorous fish like trout. We have Rock Bass in our system.

Enjoy your fish and vegetables!

A simple filter can be constructed between to lower bed and the fish tank to take out soil and other solids that have made their way into the system.
EmmettO5 years ago
How many Rock Bass do you put in the lower tank? Do you start with more fingerlings and then thin them out as they get bigger?