Picture of Building an Infrared Sensor
Here is how to build and Infrared Sensor using the QRD1114 
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Step 1: Parts Needed

One of : QRD1114  Light Sensor

One of : 220 Ohm Resistor

One of : 10 K Ohm Resistor

One of : 3 Wire Cable

Step 2: How it works

Picture of How it works

Step 3: Building the Infrared Sensor

Picture of Building the Infrared Sensor

Step 4:

Picture of
PulkitS11 month ago

brother, can I use TCRT5000 IR phototransistor instead of QRD11114
Please help

ManiA27 months ago


I want to turn on and turn off my LED table study lamp by moving my hand over a sensor. Hand over tuns on and hand over again to turn off. Do I need a infrared sensor and a flip flap?

What do you suggest? A simple one and as small as possible!!

AgentWolf (author)  ManiA22 months ago

I am really sorry i missed your comment.
I dont have experince with IR sensor and Flip Flop circuit to be able to advise you on it.
Easiest thing that i can suggest would be to use an Ultrasonic sensor to detect if you hand is there or not and it works in the dark.