Picture of Building an Upright Bass Out of a Wheelbarrow!
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A few summers ago, I decided to try to make an upright bass.  After building one using a tin bucket as the body (from a blueprint I found online) I was disappointed with the lack of volume and poor tone, so I thought I would try again with a wheelbarrow as the body.

Unfortunately I did not take pictures of the process of building my wheelbarrow bass, but I will try to describe the process as best I can by focusing on each part of the instrument, and including rough diagrams.  I did as best as I could to describe what I did, but it has been awhile since I finished this project so I'm probably glossing over a great deal...

**I must admit the idea to use a wheelbarrow is not completely original, as I have seen at least one video of an upright made from a wheelbarrow online...but oh well here is my take on the concept!

Step 1: An Overview...

Picture of An Overview...
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full bass side view.JPG
me bass.JPG
The wheelbarrow I used as the body is a large metal True Value wheelbarrow.  I used 1/4" plywood as the front cover, and I made the neck out of three separate 1/2" planks glued together.  The bridge and the fretboard are made of 1/2" thick maple.

For the tuning pegs, I just used standard Fender electric bass tuners.  The strings are actual upright bass strings, but they were super cheap (I ordered a couple sets from China for about $20 a set).  As an alternative, you can use weed whacker line for the strings, as it comes in the correct gauges as bass strings!  The weed whacker line gives the bass a nice "gut" tone.

I used a heavy application of black stain for all the wooden parts but I used lighter stain for the fretboard and bridge, and for the body I used black spray paint.

For some perspective on its size, I included a picture of me playing it, and the upright next to a standard size electric bass.  Also pictured is a diagram (not to scale) showing some of the approximate dimensions of the bass.
james.m.k2 years ago
Audio PLZ! :)
knexfreak322 years ago
It would be nice it there would be some audio...
foobear3 years ago
cool, how does it sound?!
PS1183 years ago
This is so cool!

Could you please add a sound clip?
rich745 (author)  PS1183 years ago
Thanks! And yes I will upload a video as I can so you can get an idea of what it sounds like!
rimar20003 years ago
Genial. Please add a video, and PM me when done.