Picture of Building an outdoor chicken coop
This instructable shows how to build a small outdoor coop for chickens or guinny hens from recycled materials.
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Step 1: Get your materials

Picture of Get your materials
To build this project you will need a variety of materials.
The materials include:
-chop saw
-electric drill
-extension chord
-recycled chicken coop door with hinges
-sledge hammer
-measuring tape
-recycled wood (2x4's and 1x4's)
-four recycled fence posts
-recycled chicken wire
-recycled roof
Also not shown in the pictures:
-wire cutters
-staple gun or staple hammer
-iron rod
-chain saw or hand saw

Step 2: Beginning the construction

Picture of Beginning the construction
Picture 2.png
-First find a place to build the chicken coop. It can be on level ground or slightly sloped ground.

-You should begin by measuring the dimensions of the roof and then make holes in the ground with an iron rod where the fence posts should go based on the roofs dimensions. Then one by one you should pound the fence posts into the ground using a sledge hammer, until all four posts are securely in the ground.

Step 3: Putting support on all the fence posts

Picture of Putting support on all the fence posts
-Cut eight 2x4's about four inches in length using a chop saw. 2x4's will be placed on these later and these smaller pieces give them support and a place for them to screw in to.

-Using a level make sure all eight pieces are screwed into the posts level so the finished project is not on a slope. Three to four screws should be put into each support piece.

Step 4: Putting 2x4's on the support pieces

Picture of Putting 2x4's on the support pieces
-Using a measuring tape find the length between all the posts and then cut 2x4's corresponding to these lengths. Using an electric screw gun screw the 2x4's in until there is one connecting all four posts. The finished step is shown in the second picture below.

Step 5: Three support pieces

Picture of Three support pieces
-Using 2x4's or 2x1's (whichever is more available) measure the distance across the bottom 2x4's and cut the support pieces so they fit in the frame. Screw three support pieces into place and you are done this step.
admin6 years ago
This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!

You should include what you need to put for chickens to roost on . What about nesting boxes ? We get chickens that lay eggs? You are very good at this ! Give us more !

How do you get the coop where the chickens can get in and critters can't ??

TomT92 months ago

you can find how to build a chicken coop for free by go my website

Very nice job! So many people like to over-complicate this kind of thing, but you have kept it good and simple. I was planning to build some chicken coops on the side of a hill and I bet this design would be good for that.
clance4 years ago
I love how you have used recycled material in your chicken coop plans.  I did the same with mine and it is much sturdier than the prefab chicken coops that you can purchase.  I used a set of drawers for nesting boxes in mine and my girls love it!
siki4 years ago
Well, this is something I can get my head around (no I've never constructed anything before). I would need to modify it to make solid walls as I am looking to make a small brooder/time out coop but thanks for taking the time to 'splain this. :-)
troseph5 years ago
I based my chicken coop off this instructable. Particularly the salvaged 4x4 posts.
warrockdude6 years ago
are those guini chicks?