Pictorial Outline of building the Aerotech Barracuda rocket for Harvey Mudd College's E80 class, equally valid for the Aerotech Arreaux kits used as well.  It replaces the kit instructions, which are generally fairly poor in my opinion, but it is probably also worth reading them anyway to get a sense of how the rocket goes together. 

(Yes, the picture is of an Arreaux and not a Barracuda.) 

Also, this tutorial was prepared not while building a normal for-E80 Barracuda, but one being custom-build around a very expensive set of accelerometers. Therefore, some steps are not pictured as they were altered. All necessary steps are described here, however. 

It is highly recommended to read the entire tutorial before beginning construction. 

Finally, a note cyanoacrylate: the pink cyanoacrylate glue we are providing for these kits is kind of the worst of both worlds-when you don't want it to set up instantly, it always does, but when you need something to stick in place, it never cures fast enough. I have tried to avoid these problems in the build layout, and have also tried to point out places where either of these tendencies  will cause problems, but in general, think ahead and be careful. 

Step 1: Tube Preparation

The main body tubes has slots in it for fins and for the launch lugs; these must be cut out with a sharp knife (carefully, of course). I used my pocket knife for this rocket, but a better tool would be a boxcutting knife, an x-acto,  or other straight razor, sharper and thinner.

Slip your chosen blade into the slot, and then slip it back out the other side of the slot, as shown. Now you can (carefully!) slide the knife down the length of the slot to the end, and slice through the cardboard holding the strip of extra material in place.  

Remember to get all 5 slots:
What is the engine<br/>Is it homemade
Not necessarily; the kit comes unpowered. Following the instructions, it can be flown using reloadable or single-use commercial motors from Aerotech, Cesaroni, or Estes brand motors, up to mid-size H motors. Above that, depending on kit construction and builder skills, the vehicle may not survive.

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