August, 1984:
I was on a convoy, between Larnaca and Nicosia, on the island of Cyprus. It was hot, and I'm talking middle east hot.
Our vehicle, a wheeled lightly-armoured personnel carrier, decided to pack it in halfway to Nicosia, and there we were: Skinny Bill, my co-driver, and Tommi Potx stuck on the side of the road with what we had in our pockets: some Greek Cypriot pounds, Turk Cypriot lira, smokes, a lighter, a compass, dogtags, and a wallet with a totally superfluous U.N. ID card. 
So, ever since that long, hot, thirsty afternoon, when on just about any task, I've carried a small pack or belt kit of some kind, with the items needed to see me through 24-48 hours, until the vehicle is recovered, or we  exfiltrated. Even now, after getting out of the army after 25 years of service, I find the Battle Belt (Belt Kit aka Man Purse or 'Murse') indispensable when camping, hiking or cycling, or when the apocalypse arrives...

Step 1: The Belt Kit Complete

 The key to almost all systems today is 'modularity'. Pieces are added or removed according to what you're up to. You'll end up with a belt kit  that  will get you throigh WWIII or the Zombie Apocalypse.
<p>Wow I also wanna make this.</p>
I have a fairly comprehensive fanny pack. Until I read your &quot;ible&quot;, I thought it was great. Now that I see how well you have done yours, I have work to do to mine. <br>Excellent! Thanks for sharing.
FYI.... <strong>A</strong>ll-Purpose <strong>L</strong>ightweight <strong>I</strong>ndividual <strong>C</strong>arrying <strong>E</strong>quipment, or ALICE system
what is the survival card in the first picture of step 15?
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ALICE clip: All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment.<br><br>Cool belt!<br>Thanks for listing what you keep in there, those are all must-haves when camping.<br>

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