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August, 1984:
I was on a convoy, between Larnaca and Nicosia, on the island of Cyprus. It was hot, and I'm talking middle east hot.
Our vehicle, a wheeled lightly-armoured personnel carrier, decided to pack it in halfway to Nicosia, and there we were: Skinny Bill, my co-driver, and Tommi Potx stuck on the side of the road with what we had in our pockets: some Greek Cypriot pounds, Turk Cypriot lira, smokes, a lighter, a compass, dogtags, and a wallet with a totally superfluous U.N. ID card. 
So, ever since that long, hot, thirsty afternoon, when on just about any task, I've carried a small pack or belt kit of some kind, with the items needed to see me through 24-48 hours, until the vehicle is recovered, or we  exfiltrated. Even now, after getting out of the army after 25 years of service, I find the Battle Belt (Belt Kit aka Man Purse or 'Murse') indispensable when camping, hiking or cycling, or when the apocalypse arrives...

Step 1: The Belt Kit Complete

Picture of The Belt Kit Complete
 The key to almost all systems today is 'modularity'. Pieces are added or removed according to what you're up to. You'll end up with a belt kit  that  will get you throigh WWIII or the Zombie Apocalypse.
Emperor Towhid10 months ago

Wow I also wanna make this.

Largrin2 years ago
I have a fairly comprehensive fanny pack. Until I read your "ible", I thought it was great. Now that I see how well you have done yours, I have work to do to mine.
Excellent! Thanks for sharing.
a2photoguy2 years ago
FYI.... All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment, or ALICE system
Lorddrake2 years ago
what is the survival card in the first picture of step 15?
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mikeasaurus4 years ago
ALICE clip: All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment.

Cool belt!
Thanks for listing what you keep in there, those are all must-haves when camping.