Step 20: Downdraft reactor - 5

Picture of Downdraft reactor - 5
Join and weld outer reactor vessel assembly to inner insulation vessel assembly

  • Slip outer reactor vessel assembly inner insulation vessel.
  • A hole is cut in both vessels near the top edge- this will be the ignition access inlet. Align the two holes by eye as closely as possible, while also fitting the tabs and slots together on the bottom.
  • Pull outer vessel tube and inner vessel end plate with elbows tight together with C clamps as you tack and weld around the circle.
  • A 1" coupler then needs to be inserted for the ignition access inlet. Fit it in and most of the way through the outer vessel's access hole and aligning with the inner vessel's hole. It should cant upward at about 35 degrees. Weld all the way around it, allowing enough space to insert the 1" plug later.