Step 20: Downdraft Reactor - 5

Join and weld outer reactor vessel assembly to inner insulation vessel assembly

  • Slip outer reactor vessel assembly inner insulation vessel.
  • A hole is cut in both vessels near the top edge- this will be the ignition access inlet. Align the two holes by eye as closely as possible, while also fitting the tabs and slots together on the bottom.
  • Pull outer vessel tube and inner vessel end plate with elbows tight together with C clamps as you tack and weld around the circle.
  • A 1" coupler then needs to be inserted for the ignition access inlet. Fit it in and most of the way through the outer vessel's access hole and aligning with the inner vessel's hole. It should cant upward at about 35 degrees. Weld all the way around it, allowing enough space to insert the 1" plug later.
oh yeah. woodgas, gasification yuppers.
Just a FYI don't waste your time building a FEMA unit.... All you will do is end up with a bunch of head aches and stuck valves..... <br><br>Hi Jim found this page by checking my referral log on my web site......<br><br>Burn Baby Burn!!<br><br>Jonathan<br><br>www.woodgas.net <br><br>
could this be built separate and store the fuel and pump it into the car at a later time? In other words, could we build a mini plant at home use the fuel in the car in the storage tank instead of driving around with that bulky contraption in the back? Your thoughts..anyone?
there's a chemical process... or processes (not sure, not a chemist) that will turn the fuel into a diesel-type fuel. google &quot;fischer-tropsch process for better info than i can offer.
I did not understand as if it makes the heating of the biomass gasificator, with coal? I will need mor information.
hi, really like the project, but i cant get a pro account, can anybody send the pdf steps to saad.ul.haq@hotmail.com
oh boy, this is very complicated. Could someone give me a very basic way of buildiing a small experimental GEK?
go here.... <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.woodgas.net/files/FEMA%20emergency%20gassifer.pdf">http://www.woodgas.net/files/FEMA%20emergency%20gassifer.pdf</a><br/>
Sorta got a good idea for a small version now. Thanks!
what motor was used for the vac blower, it also looks like it runs counterclockwise?
Didn't the gas companies get to you yet ? bribe you (kill you :-) ? I guess not .. it is still up . Good luck . don't remove even if they give you 5M$ . (I broke at 10M !)
How much would it cost for parts to build the gassafier, not the honda or any thing els
you can do all the vessels from salvage propane tanks and the like. the plumbing can be new or salvaged. thus the costs for mateials can go from around $0 to $500 for all new bought things.
That is absolutely AWESOME! Now I wish I had the welders and money to throw one of these suckers together. Good work.

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