Step 22: Downdraft reactor - 7

Picture of Downdraft reactor - 7
Install Nozzles

  • Weld 3/8 street elbows onto ends of 1" air nozzle tubes. Make sure the elbows are angled at 90 degree from the nozzle tubes
  • Screw in 1/2" X 6" pipe nipples into bottom of the reactor. Tighten modestly with pliers
  • Put clay gasket material around bottom of nipples, and a thin coating around the threads at the top of the nipples
  • Push the nozzles down over the nipples, into the clay. Take care to not get clay sealant into the nozzle tube passage.
  • Depending on your nozzle preference, and desired final height, you may want to install some spacers on the 1/2" nipple before pushing on nozzle tubes. In general, you should start with the nozzles at a height above the reduction cone, equal to the diameter of the reduction cone entrance.
  • The nozzles should point inwards towards the center of the reactor, and be firmly positioned in the clay. They should be difficult to turn.