Step 24: Cylcone - 1

Picture of Cylcone - 1
cylconetopta k.jpg
Assemble cyclone body

  • Clamp top end plate into top of cyclone cylinder. Slag side of plate should be down. Make sure to center tabs in slots around the perimeter.
  • Tack end plate and cylinder together. Tack down side seam, making sure overlap stays consistent.
  • Weld 2" x 4" pipe nipple into top of end plate to make cyclone outlet. The threads on the nipple should extend exactly 1" above the top of the end plate, and be exactly perpendicular to the top plate. Reconfirm this alignment from the outside as well as the inside of the cylinder.
  • Tack together the tapered cylinder. You may find hose clamps, tie downs, or other clamping devices to help hold the taper together and aligned before tacking.
  • Bring the top cylinder and bottom taper together to assess alignment. The weld is usually easier if the taper lip is slightly larger than the cylinder, allowing the cylinder to slip down inside it about 1/8". It is also fine if they meet edge to edge. The important thing is that the seam is smooth and even. Any method that achieves this is fine.
  • When happy with the alignment, tack into place, then stitch weld in stages to prevent warpage.