Step 3: More Small Parts Added

Here the IC sockets have been added.

When you solder an IC socket its a good idea to solder in only one pin on a corner to give you a chance to have it sit properly on the PCB. Once the socket is flush continue to solder the rest of the pins.

Next the bypass 0.1 uf caps are added, these tiny caps are important when using any logic IC, they are for absorbing little glitches with digital logic chips.

I've added 5mm LEDs instead of the 3mm specified LEDs. It's simply a matter of taste.
Really cool 3d diagram! What software did you use to generate this?
where is the circuit diagram?
Hai Vikram, It is already told by The Blueroomelectronics that the schematic and assembling instructions can be downloaded from www.blueroomelectronics.com Sarma

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