Picture of Building the Paper Arrow
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This is my first instructable, and while I have followed this site for a couple of years I never contributed my own...until now.

This is a paper airplane I created many years ago when I tried to 'improve' on the basic design of the paper airplane that we all built and flew in school. In particular I wanted to create a more realistic looking plane that looked like a fighter and could actually glide. Personally I think it looks like the Avro Arrow, hence the name of it.

We just need a few basic materials, some 8" x 11" paper, scissors (or X-acto blade), tape and a smooth flat surface.
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Step 1: Creating the engines

Picture of Creating the engines
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2011-10-16 13.53.21.jpg
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All planes have engines, right? Well at least this one does. And while it might not be functional as in the true purpose of an engine it does add to the flight characteristics.

With a single 8" x 11", cut it in half as shown, each one will become an engine.
Take one side and fold that in half. Work from one side and within that half fold it onto itself multiple times till you reach the middle, this creates the front of the engine or the 'intake'.

Now we have to make it look like an engine.
Fold each engine so it creates a box (keep the intake folds on the inside of the box). This is one of the more challenging parts as to keep each side even. Once you have created the engine, use a small piece of tape at the front to keep the box shape. Don't worry about the rest at this point.

Repeat for the other piece of paper to create the second engine.

I Tried lightweight paper for engines and Printer for Paper Plane and it flew pretty far!

ppanchal12 years ago
it doesnt fly
Kormath (author)  ppanchal12 years ago
Then I recommend that you review the plans and try again.
ppanchal12 years ago
it doesnt fly
nice plane design!
Kormath (author)  paperairplanecreator3 years ago
Thanks! :)
What's the range for the Arrow?
Kormath (author)  OrigamiAirEnforcer3 years ago
It's a little heavier than the typical delta wing, so it won't go as far. But I do find it to be more stable.
Looking at what I believe is your video, performance is roughly equivalent with the average dart.
Kormath (author)  OrigamiAirEnforcer3 years ago
Yes, that was my video, I was the camera operator and pilot for that. So it's not the greatest shoot. But it works.
Great design and so thorough!!! Someone make a video of it in flying action!!! Make some more! :D