I am travelling from the UK to the USA for the Winter Star Party, down in the Florida Keys, and this time, I'm going armed with a decent scope, in this case a Cape Newise 9". The scope has a uniquely wide field in a small package, and isn't being made right now, so I don't want it to get damaged. This time I will only take the scope, but the case I need to protect the scope will eventually hold a mount as well.

Whilst looking for parts to make a flightcase, I happened across a Dutch supplier "CaseBuilder.com", who offer a rather clever website to design your case exactly as you want, and then supply a FULL kit to build it up. The case is roughly a 1' x 1' x 2.5' (30 x 35 x 75cm)

Delivery took less than 4 days from clicking "send order", and I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of everything,.

Step 1: Design

The online designer at CaseBuilder is very capable. You get to see your design on screen at ever stage, adjusting the hardware, layout and other options, to get the design you want - for the right price. I deliberately didn't choose the "ultra light" option, because I wanted to assemble it my self,  and I didn't get the ultra tough option, because my roadies are 13 and 16.....

Here's a screenshot of the design in progress.

...and the build instructions.
<p>excellent. what about foam case inserts? case looks great, but there lots of play between the walls and the shaft.</p>
<p>I added 4 foam strips, one on each long side, and one at the top and bottom, in the end. </p>

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