Build/modify a wrist watch! A great gift or just for yourself!

Picture of Build/modify a wrist watch! A great gift or just for yourself!

Tired of boring run of the mill wrist watches? Make one yourself! Impress that special someone or make one for yourself. Cheap and easy. All you need is a broken or working wrist watch, a donor digital watch and some creativity!
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Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of Materials and tools

You'll need a wrist watch preferably made of stainless steel (personal reference).
I chose a broken automatic. I bought it on a trip in the Philippines for cheap a couple of years ago. Its automatic movement doesn't like the winter, it constantly stops when its 40 degrees outside. A watch like this is perfect for this project because It has a handsome case and strap but a junk internal movement.

You'll then need a donor watch that has a working "heart". A good donor is a digital wrist watch. I picked a cheap timex at Goodwill for $1 . Make sure or guesstimate that the internal components of your digital watch will fit inside the case of other watch.

You'll need super glue, wires, watch battery.

Small screwdriver set or a case opener for opening watches
Soldering Iron and solder
Wire cutter
Long nose pliers

Step 2: Prep the recipient watch

Picture of Prep the recipient watch

First thing to do is to remove the band/strap so we can work on the case easier. 

Open the watch by using watch opener if your watch has a rotary type inclosure. Some watch are held together by screws or a snapping mechanism so you only need a screw driver to open those. Remove the components of the watch. The component will be connected to the knob, To remove it, just pull it off. If your watch is chronograph like mine, use super glue to cover the holes and glue the knob back in place.
mzions1 year ago

I like the look. Although I'm a bit concerned that it was a genuine TAG Heuer you dissected .

z3ds (author)  mzions1 year ago
Thanks! Dont worry, no authentic Tag heuer was harmed doing this instructable. :)
cordychong2 years ago
Very interesting.. It was perfect suitable for me. Thanks for posting
3366carlos2 years ago