Built a Wall in My Room!





Introduction: Built a Wall in My Room!

I wanted to increase rooms and built a wall.
I devised it not to injure a floor and a ceiling.
When I move, I can easily remove it.
If there is a large room, I can increase rooms freely!
Let's built a wall!!

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    I like your videos but was just thinking you should add some material list to your instructables.

    Thank you for comment! From the next time,I think that I want to add some material list!!


    Please could you specify the kind of alter jack you used or advices a substitute for that if it's not widely used


    I meant screw Jack

    Sorry Typo

    This is a fantastic idea. Unfortunately, he doesn't show how he makes the metal spacers, but I'm assuming they are some sort of screw jack that allows you to adjust the height and increase the pressure from the top and bottom. I can't wait to try this at my place!

    Thank you for comment!!

    Walls are a great way to partition different areas of a large space. They also help to increase privacy and separate a different purpose from another. They are also easy to remove so you can always reorganize the different areas in the future.

    Thank you for comment!! I make it in various ways from now on!

    Thank you for comment!! I make it in various ways from now on!