Step 7:

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When the drawer is shut, it works like a charm.  I can open it to scoop into the toilet or replace the litter.  I put the plastic liter box in a 3mm plastic contractor garbage bag and them fill the box over the bag.  Just pick up the sides of the bag and turn it inside out.  No mess!

Hope you enjoy

zuruiboy4 years ago
Great post - very well done. And don't stress killing seals....the sewer in Denver is not very likely to make it to an ocean, lol!!
No, but it probably goes into at least one river, where I'm willing to bet other animals (beavers, muskrats, etc.) live that could be also contract toxoplasmosis and be affected by other harmful substances that may be in your cat's litter. However, these animals are not currently being pushed into an extinction vortex like the sea otters.
This is just awesome. But there's no way in hell MY cat would be able to fit through that hole...
mommydono4 years ago
Awesome project! Your workmanship is beautiful and your overall design is highly functional - a great small spaces project. Thank you for posting it.

This project is a great one even if you don't have a cat, making the litterbox space a pullout storage drawer instead.

NightGod4 years ago
Be careful with using plastic to line your litter box. I had one cat that started using any plastic lying around the house as a litter box because she got used to it. Took a couple of months to un-train her from it =x
account3r24 years ago
"I can open it to scoop into the toilet or replace the litter." Dont do that. it can kill seals.