Business Card With Mints.





Introduction: Business Card With Mints.

Business cards are a way of making people remember you. Basically you have to stop a potential client/contact/employer etc chucking it in the bin straight away. What better way to stop your business card being sent to it's landfilly grave than to entice the recipient with sweets. Unfortunately liquorice allsorts are frowned upon in business situations but luckily mints are corporate enough.

Step 1: You Will Need

Step 2: Design and Printing

Step 3: Constructing the Box

Step 4: Fill With Mints

Step 5: Close and Go



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    I couldn't get the template to open, it opened a new page saying 'permission denied.' Would you be able to upload a pdf template?! Thanks!

    I just noticed this is a rather old probably the files are long lost...but would love any suggestions out there for places to grab free templates! Thanks again!

    thanks that's a 'sweet' idea :)

    you still have 2p pieces in the UK??


    yes you are logo here, tiny mother effer. XD

    Good concept, thanks for the box template, really helpful.

    there was no net on the down load . were do you get it?


    That's pretty cool.

    A very good idea, I remember seeing some where a card (like a birthday card) that had wild-flower seed in the paper and the ink had natural fertilizer in it. If you could use that paper for a gardening business card, I sure that it would get peoples attention.

    But once you have their attention they can't go look at your company's contact details...