Recycle an old lamp, some old light bulbs and a plastic sweet jar into a cool looking light.


I had a lamp with a paper shade that eventually disintegrated, and it hung around looking a bit ugly for the past year or so. I've wanted to do this to it for quite a while, after having seen people do similar things to this lamp with perspex tubs, etc., and tried to collect these bulbs, but we've been so on the ball with energy savers that I only managed to find a paltry 2 in the house at all. Eventually, I spotted a big tub of old style light bulbs at my local army surplus depot. Hooray.

(Some people look at this and worry about heat, assuming it's dangerous. The jar is vented though, and the lamp fitting holds an energy saving bulb so heat is minimal).

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Total project cost was 4 pounds. The jar and the lamp were both free, and I bought 16 light bulbs for 25 pence each.

Hole cutter (to match your lamp fitting)
Drill bit (for putting vents in jar)
Lighter fluid / other solvent

Old lamp base
Assorted old light bulbs
Plastic sweet jar

The light bulbs were all from my local army surplus place.

The plastic sweet jar was the hardest thing to get. I could only find them to buy in wholesale quantities, not individually. There were some on ebay, but they were either wrong sizes, or had red plastic lids (not good with green walls...).

I visited every corner shop and market stall I could see them at, and they all said they wouldn't give or sell me one because they refill them with things bought wholesale. It took me a week to spot an empty one anywhere, and I got it by asking about it, getting the same answers as everywhere else, and going back a few minutes later to offer them 5 pounds for it. They said "You're clearly desperate, here, you can just have it" :)
Shame you had to spend money on the lightbulbs.
 Very Cool. I am definitely going to make one.
Interesting, recycles and is a great conversation piece. I'm picturing places, in my house, to put one and ways to change it around a bit. Old colored Christmas tree lights perhaps? The possibilities are endless. Well done!

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