Bull Roarer





Introduction: Bull Roarer

"Ever since prehistoric times the bull-roarer has been a symbol of fertility and evidence of them has been found in paleololithic sites. The sound of the bull-roarer is said to be the voice of an ancestor, a spirit, or a deity. This is very important because this plays a role in certain rites of passage in some areas of the world." (http://www.music.vt.edu/musicdictionary/textb/Bull-roarer.html)

Bull-Roarers are serious business to some folks; ever seen crocodile dundee?

make a "genuine sounding" bull-roarer out of a ruler and sturdy string.

Step 1: Tie String to Ruler

Make it the kind of knot that doesn't come loose. I used a slipknot.

Step 2: Spin, Roar

spin the bull-roarer in a manner that doesn't hurt yourself or the people/things around you. See the video to get a feel for velocity.



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If you wanna make it louder, tape equal stacks of a few pennies on each side of the ruler right in the middle.

this is realy neat but i cant think of a use for it other than to pass time, but still very neat