Ever wondered what you could do with empty bullet shells? This is an instructable showing you how to create an awesome, bendable, unisex bracelet. You'll need:

- 2 empty bullet shells

- Shoelace or Paracord (any hollow cord that can be threaded)

- Wire (any bendable kind but not to thick)

- Craft or Super Glue

- Scissors

- Pliers

Step 1: Cutting

Firstly, cut your shoelace or paracord at your desired length using a pair of scissors. If you want a tight bracelet/band measure it around your wrist. Now cut the wire the same length as the lace using pliers.

Step 2: Threading

This is the most difficult and fiddly part of the task. Lightly pinch open your shoelace/paracord and thread your wire whether it be a pipe cleaner or coat hanger through.

Step 3: Glueing

Finally, squirt some glue into the empty bullet shell and then place it over your bracelet. Repeat this on the other end. Leave your work to dry.

Step 4: Done!

Your band/bracelet is complete! You can now shape/bend it around your wrist or ankle. Wear it around and experiment with other materials!

<p>The magnets are a great idea! if you slip one into the bullet on each side it will close nicely. I suggest a strong earth magnet.</p>
aloha! I Love the idea! a great tip I recommend is to stick a small magnet into one of the shells before doing the following steps.
<p>The &quot;shell case&quot; is brass and thus non-magnetic.</p>
<p>how about a magnet in each side? i bought a cheap bracelet [$1] with a magnet hidden in each end, just for the ends! thought i could re-tool it, but it's trickier than i realized (complicated connectors).</p>
<p>Thanks! Yous saved me a couple of dollars! I was just about to go buy some powerful magnets when I saw your comment! Thanks again!</p>
<p>Wow awesome idea! I might buy a magnet and try it! Ill give you an update if I do!</p>

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