Bullet Case Key Chain, Carry Container, Dog Tag or Charm





Introduction: Bullet Case Key Chain, Carry Container, Dog Tag or Charm

When I exercise outdoors, I like to carry emergency contact information in case something happens. Most people carry "dog tags". I wanted to make something different and since I like fire arms, I came up with this idea.

Step 1: Build It


bullet casing

small screw

paper clip

Make it:

1-Find a screw that will fit the casing that will serve as a cap.

2-To create a hole for the the loop, push in the back of casing where the firing pin

3-Use small paper clip to create the loop and feed through opening created on the back of casing

4-Once the loop is inside the casing, use the screw driver on the other end of the casing to widen the open end of the small loop you created

5-Now you have a nice container for your key chain, your bike or you can carry it around your neck.

I wrote emergency information on a piece of paper, rolled it up and placed it inside the casing and hanged it from the seat of my mountain bike with a small chain.



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    Great idea. I hope someone would know to look inside if something ever happened. I think I will try to make one.