Bullet Effects on Scale Models

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Introduction: Bullet Effects on Scale Models

Hi guys!
And Girls!
And... others :D

Today I'm going to explain you how to make very easy and cool bullet effects on your scale model ;)

On the picture: Stug III ausf G by Tamiya - 1/35 scale

Step 1: Materials

You are going to use very poor materials, let's see what:

1 - Scale model (of course)
2 - Exacto knife with a bit tip (See images for references)
3 - Matt Gun Metal (Any brand will do the trick)

Step 2: !Safety Hazard!

You will work with a sharp knife that will automatically hurt your fingers so BE CAREFUL, use protections and enjoy this Instructable ;)

Step 3: Quick Physics Lesson

You are going to add some machinegun and other low caliber shots on your vehicle therefore be careful to what I'm saying:
Because of the thick armour of tanks (and other armored vehicles) a normal bullet WON'T penetrate the chassis, so don't force through your exacto knife because this will create a non realistic hit.
Take few minutes and visit the fantastic world of "The Internet" to check how thicker is the real armour of your vehicle, you won't regret that ;)

Another important thing: if you are going to place your model in a diorama just check were enemies are: if their minifigures are on the ground you will do some bullet hits at a man-height. Otherwise, if enemies are placed on the top of a building you will need to add bullet hits on the top of your vehicle.
So remember: check and compare the minifigures height with your model.

Step 4: The Trick

Now let's work!
After studying your model and your diorama it's time to get in action:

1 - Choose a place where hit your model and start gently to push and rotate.

2 - After marking a little bit, start to press and rotate harder (not too much, you won't pierce side by side): Now you have your bullet hit!

3 - Now dip your exacto knife's bit in the metallic grey and plant the coloured bit where you have done your bullet hit.

4 - Check if it's how you like it. If not, quickly take a piece of wet cotton and rub it on the model, this will erase the color.

Pro tip:

Check on the Internet for realistic bullet hits on armoured vehicle and try to replicate them ;)

Step 5: Done!

If you like your work, let it dry for a few hours!
Just for your delight check out other types of bullet hits on my model ;)

If you liked this instructables, please feel free to comment, I will be glad to answer you as fast as possible ;)

Auf Wiedersehen,



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what should I do for a plane

Hi djo4
You should take a trip to Google images and search for bullet holes in airplane so you can take some example ;)
I have found a pretty good example here: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2012/05/10/article-2142300-1304CEE0000005DC-958_470x423.jpg

Because airplanes do not have a thick armour such as tanks, most of the bullets (At least in WWII) Penetrate the airplane and make true holes all over the plane! You may so need a little drill bit and make real holes in your model, and then paint them with "Silver grey" (In case of recent holes) or a "Rust" color (In case of old, weathered shots), in any case watch the real images on the Internet and do your best!
I bet your work will be very fine ;)

Schönes Sturmgeschütz! Schöne Arbeit! Gut gemacht!

"Danke! Ich schätze Ihre Komplimente"

Thank you :D

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it ;)

Great tips for making bullet holes!

You are welcome :)
Feel free to suggest any other tutorial, I will be glad to realize it for you (if I can, of course)