srry for not making an instructable, but, somthing possesed me to make this, and for some reason I added it here. (mainly because i have a month until summers over and its back to high school{GOD I CAN'T WAIT}.)
NOTE: If anyone likes it or the concept ill make an instructable.
Things used :
1.bullets- around 75 to100 made of a mix of .45 cal .40 cal ad 9mm
2.CD - 1
3.Ipod cord.... - The new ones (the ones that don't have the side tabs for removal)
nice instructable, but those arent bullets. they're shells.
Too true, he also used WAAAAAY too much hot glue. I could have made a better one and I'm in Junior High. I think I'll make one this summer in fact =).

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