Picture of Bullet Necklace

This is my first go at any kind of jewelry. It will end up being a wedding gift for my fiancé. It has been a fun project to see come together.

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Step 1: Preparing Bullets

Picture of Preparing Bullets

You may start with a bullet that is meant to be loaded or you can remove one from a live round. I removed mine from a live Russian 7.62x54R round from my Mosin Nagant. You can use what ever round you desire. The best and safest way to remove a bullet from the brass is by far a bullet puller. I tend to do things the hard way so I used a copper tube cutter. I do not recommend this do to the hazards working around live gun powered. Spend the money I didn't and buy a puller. Once I cut open the brass I punched the bullet out on a vise.

You can now take one of your spent rounds and first drill out the primer making sure the hole stays in the center. I used a 1/4" drill bit. Counter sink the hole to add a nice clean taper. Drill one more hole through the side near the primer to feed the chain through. The size will depend on how big your chain will be.

gravityisweak9 months ago

Awesome! Don't wear this to Massachusetts though. Unless you have a Massachusetts firearms license, it is illegal to possess even an empty shell casing. This also seems to be the case in Washington D.C. Although I'm sure there is no clear definition of how much you have to change this shell casing for it not to be considered a casing anymore. Totally ridiculous on all accounts, but still worth mentioning.

Delace9 months ago

This is beautiful!

I think you should also enter this in the vintage contest- it would have my vote!

buck2217 made it!9 months ago

I have made something similar to the cufflinks, and also a necklace (not pictured) which I engraved my name on (they say everyone has a bullet with their name on-- you should own that bullet!!).

I cut my bullets (9mm) in a pillar drill, turning slowly in contact with a hacksaw blade-- haven't killed anyone yet!

velokenneth (author)  buck22179 months ago

Very nice, I really like those cufflinks. I agree about owning the bullet with my name on it. I'll need to get mine soon!

snicholson9 months ago
this is very cool. well done.