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This Instructable will show you how to make a bullet pen that could fool anyone if they weren't looking close enough!

This is my first Instructable so I hope you like it.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

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You will need:

A Bullet casing. (Doesn't really matter how big but I used a 7mm)

A .22 cal empty pellet

A pen with a pointed casing

Copper Nail Polish

Brasso. (Or other metal polish)

Hot glue gun

Sand paper

Hand pruners or something similar

Step 2: Polish the Casing

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If your bullet casing is a bit dirty then you might want to polish it up. I used brasso but any metal polish will do.

Step 3: The Pen Casing

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You need a pen that has got a pointed casing like in the picture (I don't know what type of pen it was).
Take the pen apart and get the ink tube and the top casing part.
Mark the pen casing bit 19mm from the top and use some sand paper to file down to the mark.

Step 4: The Ink Tube

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I had to cut the ink tube around 69mm from the top for the 7mm shell, but as long as the ink tube sticks 19mm out of the shell it will be okay

Step 5: Glueing the Pen Casing

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Get your .22 caliber pellet and cut the back off using hand pruners or something similar. Bend the top of the pellet slightly so that it doesn't fall to the bottom.
Put the pellet over the ink tube.
Hot glue the tube and the pellet in place (make sure to keep the ink tube standing in the middle) and let it dry.
Then add more glue and quickly add the pen casing.

Step 6: Sand the Pen Casing

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With the pen casing glued in place, sand the pen casing till flush with the bullet shell (try not to scratch the shell with the sand paper).

Step 7: Paint the Pen

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For painting, I used copper nail polish which turned out real nice.
I also used clear nail polish over it but you don't have to do this.


BuilderBro1 made it! (author)2014-12-13

This is so awesome!

I had so much fun making it!

jlandreth1 (author)BuilderBro12014-12-14


3366carlos (author)2014-08-10

very nice. why did u cat the pellet back off? how do you repace the pen refiils?

jlandreth1 (author)3366carlos2014-08-11

If you're meaning the .22 pellet, I did it to keep the pen tube standing strait when you glue it. I found it quite hard to stand the pen tube up perfectly in the middle and glue it without the pellet, as the glue goes everywhere through the casing. It also adds a bit of character to it being a bullet pen. You could easily find some other way to do it though.
As for refilling it, you would have to basically have to rip the pen casing off the bullet shell to get it out, get a new pen tube, cut it to size and reglue it. Hope this helps :)

Very cool, the copper nail polish is a great finishing touch!

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