This is mine and funwithfire325 shield, I shot it with killerk's pistol (with five rubber bands) and killerk's magnum (also with five rubber bands) (i didn't test with more than five but if you want try it)

Step 1: Gather the Materials.

Rods: 63 Gray (you can substitute with two yellow and a orange connector) 2 blue, 4 Small Green or black.

Connectors:78 Gray connectors, 26 Orange (unless you substitute with the gray rods) 12 Red.

Step 2: Construct the Sheild Part (the Part That Protects You)

Pic#1 build this.

Step 3: Make It Bullet Proof Parts.

Pic#1-3 make this.

Pic #4 make this.

Step 4: Make the Shield Bulletproof.

This step make the shield absolutely bulletproof.

Step 5: Make and Add the Handles.

Pic#1 make 2 of these.

Pic#2Add the handles.

Pic#3 how to hold the shield.
Not bullet proof
You want a bullet proof shield? Go out and get about 4 or 5 Inch think sheet of steel And it'll stop a 9mm round at 15 feet.
hey i tried that and gave it to my brother and shot him guess what HE DIED!!!!!!!! LOL JOKING
 i mannadged to break it with killerk's srv2 and it went boom
I made a remote gun that you put on the ground and fire it from as far away as you want. Should I post?
(removed by author or community request)
dude you cant reply when these comments are actually removed<br />
LOL i wonder what would happen if one of you guys shot this with killerks sr-v2.... i'm figuring the sheild couldn't stand a slingshot much less a ram.
ya! post it!
Cool. I'll get on it.
lol it really wont hurt much getting shot with a knex gun.plus if you built this sheild you might find your self with out grey rods.
well this stings. so i modded the green arm rods to yellows and put a pillow in to eliminate the sting :)<br />
A Knex war is like a very low-powered version of an air soft war. The Knex rods will hurt, depending on the power and distance of the blaster. Some just shoot, and the ammo bounces off. Big deal. Some shoot, and the ammo stings for a bit. Now we are getting somewhere. But SOME Knex guns can be so powerful (mainly this only relates to shooting out green rods) that they leave welts, and sting for longer than you would expect. I made a Knex gun once that the green rod ricocheted and hit me on the arm. I still have a welt after about two days. (I can't post it because it broke horribly when I accidentally tripper and fell on top of it.. It was a block trigger.)
what if you sharpen the rods before you fire that would hurt
or... if you use an O.K gun
i beg to differ
to both?
did you not read the steps you can substitute with two yellow rods.
i knew that ages ago.
if i shot that with my killlerk magnum it would kill it...... really.....
yea but what are you going to call that gun >
Try this with gorkems Sniper!!!!!!!!!!!! That might hurt though!!!!
Im building a full body knex bullet proof suit. helmet, shirt and pants. Woot!
lol done yet?
LoL Decided not to over a year ago...
yea lol!
I wonder what would happen if you shot it with a REAL magnum!<br/><br/>'<em><strong>KABOOOM!</strong></em><br/>
44? lol I shot that yesterday and i hit the metal part of the target and it split the bullet!
it would break (duh)
can u say death? :)
Uhhh... Why cant you just use wood? Seriously lol. I guess it would suit a full knex battle but...
i cant weait to see a couple of dufiss wearing knex armour nd that shield avin a knex fight X[)
nice it might stand a chance at my gun that i made tell me if i should post it
dude.you should totally post the gun!it's sooooo awesome!!!!!!
just give it a true trigger
heck no its a block trigger (runs around the earth grabs a drinks sips runs around some more )
well,i think you should post,it looks like a good gun,but give gamer 5 some credit tho.
please dont post its been done before
it will easily stand up to that killerks guns are way strong rocks
i think i'll downsize this thing and make armor out of it...
this is very cool, apart from some of the grey rods shattered when I shot it with my new heavily modded killerk pistol with 38 rubberbands
o_O wh...Why so many...r..r..rubberbands?
that takes one hell of a lot of grey rods!!!!

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